28 8 / 2012

Activism Action HubA combination of many tools to help you stay up to date with the latest news, the Activism Action Hub combines news tweet feeds from OWS, Wikileaks, Anon News, Raw Story, and Yildirim News, live news tv stream, Global Revolution live stream, reddit news, irc, and the latest videos from the AP. Also have links to activist sites like the EFF, ACLU, The Consumerist, Change.org, Occupy Wall Street, so that you will stay informed about the latest threats to your digital and personal freedom.

Check it out here Activism Action Hub, and share it with your friends. Thanks!

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March 14, 2012

Via Read Write Web: “U.S. activists who thought Twitter was a secure way to communicate during demonstrations may have another thing coming. The New York District Attorney’s Office has begun sending subpoenas to Twitter seeking data on protesters arrested during the Occupy Wall Street protests last year…”.* Ana Kasparian and Cenk Uygur discuss on The Young Turks. 

Read article here: RWW

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09 2 / 2012

February 09, 2012

2011 was a year without precedent for the peoples of the Middle East and North Africa region. It was a year in which millions of people of all ages and backgrounds, especially the young and often with women to the fore, flooded on to the streets to demand change. Often, they continued to do so in the face of extreme violence meted out by the military and security forces of those who claimed to govern — and who had continued to enjoy and to squander the fruits of power — in their very name.

It was a year like no other, when the whole region shook as ordinary people summoned up the courage to provide a demonstration of “people’s power” such as the region had never seen before and, incredibly, to sustain it even when the might of the repressive state and its security forces were deployed against them. - Amnesty International

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25 1 / 2012

Glenn Greenwald, contributing writer at Salon.com, joins us to discuss real, hidden, and leser known reasons motivating Occupy Wall Street protests, and more.

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22 12 / 2011

December 22, 2011

From Uptake Video: The Occupy movement has successfully put the economic injustice plaguing the United States on televisions across America, says Tina Dupuy, a nationally syndicated op-ed columnist and managing editor of Crooks and Liars.

The reason that most Americans were unaware of these issues before the Occupy movement caught fire this fall is that 60 percent of us get our news exclusively from local news sources. Those 30-minute local news segments devote a full 10 minutes to commercials and two minutes to “teasers” of stories to come. That leaves very little time for real news about real issues.

Dupuy says that newscasters too often fill the gap with trivial stories such as reports about “Dancing with the Stars” or news of a cat stuck in a tree in Germany. “We don’t have a real broad knowledge of issues that affect us, like the housing bubble or about what our local and national government is doing,” says Dupuy. “But at least now the local news is showing protest signs of what economic injustice is.

They’re being forced to cover these issues and cover the raids, arrests and encampments and have the protestors on television talking about these issues.” “Now we’ve seen our local news talk about the homeless population, talk about people who aren’t able to find jobs, talk about students who are now sharecroppers to banks because they have $200,000 in student loan debt ? debt they can’t renegotiate.”

Watch here.

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23 11 / 2011

November 23, 2011

I have gathered together some info to help those who want to keep up with Human Rights issues, and also the Occupy Wall Street movement, feel free to share this post with everyone. - Thanks, Cynthia Yildirim

If you care about Human Rights, Internet Freedom, then join the Human Right Organizations mailing list on these sites to get emails with petitions to sign and also info on new causes.

  • EFF or Electronic Frontier Foundation - They are fighting for your Internet freedom, and to protect the Internet from censorship.
  • ACLU - American Civil Liberties Union - They fight to protect your civil rights, fight injustice, and to uphold the Constitution.
  • Amnesty International - They fight to prevent grave abuses of human rights internationally, help refugees, seek to end torture. Amnesty also fight for justice and the protection of human dignity.
  • Human Rights Foundation - They fight to protect human rights around the world, with a deep commitment to individual liberty. HRF believes that all nations must protect the freedom of it’s citizens.

For Information about the Occupy Wall Street Movement and to see videos, blog post, and photos, visit these:


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17 11 / 2011

As the marchers pass over Brooklyn Bridge, here is a summary of events so far today from The Guardian read more updates here. Watch the Live Video Feed here from Global Revolution.


• Thousands of Occupy Wall Street protesters are marching across the Brooklyn Bridge in New York, in an impressive display of support for the movement which was hit by an enforced eviction on Monday from its home in Zuccotti Park, New York. It marked the end of a day of protest that included some ugly flare-ups and more than 200 arrests. But most of the day passed off peacefully, in particular a large students’ rally at Union Square in mid-afternoon.

• Protesters failed in their bid to shut down the New York Stock Exchange. The opening bell was sounded at 9.30am as usual; outside, there were scuffles and arrests as marchers, who had gathered in Zuccotti Park at 7am, attempted to block access to Wall Street. 

• In Los Angeles, about 500 sympathizers marched downtown between the Bank of America tower and Wells Fargo Plaza, chanting, “Banks got bailed out, we got sold out!” More than two dozen people were arrested. Police arrested 21 demonstrators in Las Vegas, and 20 were led away in plastic handcuffs in Portland, Oregon, for sitting down on a bridge. At least a dozen were arrested in St. Louis after they sat down cross-legged and locked arms in an attempt to block a bridge over the Mississippi River.

7.06pm: Ryan Devereaux writes: A massive projection is being displayed on the Verizon building south of the Brooklyn Bridge. In a series of shots it reads, “We are the 99%, Look around, you are a part of a global uprising…We are unstoppable, another world is possible…We are a cry from the heart of the world…It is the beginning of the beginning.” The projection then goes on to display the names of occupations around the country in rapid-fire succession with the final name reading, “Occupy Earth.” With a chorus of honking cars in the background, the crowd erupts in cheers and reads the display in unison as they pass.

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06 11 / 2011

02 11 / 2011

Raw Story: A vote by “Occupy Oakland” earlier this week called on homeless Americans to begin occupying foreclosed and abandoned structures as squatters — and Congresswoman Marcy Kaptur (D-OH) couldn’t be happier.

“Thank you, Occupy Oakland,” she told Raw Story this week. “Thank you for caring about families who have been victimized by Wall Street greed.”

Kaptur has been one of the leading homeless advocates in Congress, going so far as to call for people facing foreclosure to squat in their own homes and demand their bank produce the home’s title before kicking them out.


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02 11 / 2011

Protesters in Oakland, California are planning to try and shut down the city’s port - the fifth-busiest shipping container port in the United States, in what they are calling a general strike on Wednesday.

The protesters are part of the ‘Occupy’ movement sweeping the world in which people are rallying to stop, amongst other things, corporate greed.

Al Jazeera’s Rob Reynolds reports from Oakland. Watch here.

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29 10 / 2011

The Guardian: Scott Olsen, the Iraq war veteran who was seriously injured by a police projectile during a protest in Oakland, has regained consciousness but “cannot talk”.

Olsen, 24, is communicating with friends and family at his bedside by writing notes, but his injury is believed to have damaged the speech centre of his brain, according to Keith Shannon, who served with Olsen in Iraq.

Olsen is believed to have been injured by a police projectile. He was hit in the forehead in downtown Oakland on Tuesday evening, after marching with fellow demonstrators to protest the closure of an Occupy Oakland camp in the city.

"He cannot talk right now, and that is because the fracture is right on the speech center of his brain," said Shannon. "However, they are expecting he will get that back."


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27 10 / 2011

A nation pregnant with revolution - as ours is today - doesn’t just give up. But the real question is…what KIND of revolution does the nation want? What’s the real change people are looking for? Since President Obama took office - two revolutionary groups - or ideologies - have sprung up - The Tea Party and Occupy Wall Street. And while on the surface - they may seem like they want to bring about two completely different revolutions - a closer look reveals there is a common thread. A chart on Democratic Underground today that breaks it all down. Watch here.

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26 10 / 2011

Had the Tea Party been treated the same way as the Occupy Wall Street Movement, and today Occupy Oakland is being treated Republicans would be up in arms, but since they don’t see us as important to their reelections, they care not. We must make them understand our significance at the poles. 

There is too much talk in DC, and not enough do. Our congressmen and women are in a position of power, and it is their duty to work on what is wrong with this nation, instead they bicker, and point fingers. 

We should force them to make these changes by never letting up pressure upon them, how can our congress laugh at us? How can they scheme against us behind our backs? They are meant to serve the people, all of them, Democrat or Republican. I am sick of their condescending attitude. 

The time for change is now, or our nation as we know it, or rather knew it, because that America has been lost, will never be the same. 

The People

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17 10 / 2011

Yetta Kurland, the attorney for a legal observer at the Occupy Wall Street protest who was run over by an NYPD moped, talks to Keith about the NYPD’s claims that the man intentionally put his legs under the moving vehicle on Oct. 14. Kurland, one of several attorneys representing the Occupy Wall Street movement, also speculates about what’s to come after the management company overseeing Zuccotti Park agreed to postponed the park’s cleaning and announced its intention to negotiate with the protesters. Watch here.

"It looked to me like the cop intentionally ran the back wheel over the man’s leg and stopped while it was still under it. Then, instead of any of the cops moving the bike off of the man’s leg, they just stood around until he managed to kick it off himself, and used that as an excuse to beat him. The cop who shoved the man’s face into the ground and pressed his baton across the back of his neck was totally out of line, as were all of the cops who did nothing to help the injured man. Disgusting." YY4Me133 Youtube Commenter

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10 10 / 2011

An assistant editor for the conservative magazine The American Spectator admitted in print Saturday to infiltrating an antiwar protest in Washington, D.C. in hopes of undermining the “Occupy” movement.

Patrick Howley — “for journalistic purposes” — was one of the antiwar protesters who clashed with security staff at The Smithsonian’s National Air and Space Museum on Saturday, leading to one arrest and numerous people being pepper-sprayed.

The progressive blog Firedoglake has condemned the editor as an agent provocateur, but it is unclear if Howley actually incited the clash with security guards.

Read more here.