29 9 / 2014

Ebola Statistics: As of September 29, 2014, Total of 3091 Deaths, 6574 Confirmed Cases, 3626 Lab Confirmed Cases

2014 West Africa Ebola Outbreak

As of September 29, 2014, there have been a total of 3091 deaths, 6574 confirmed cases, and 3626 lab confirmed cases reports the CDC which is the Center for Disease Control.

Countries affected: Guinea, Sierra Leone, Liberia, Senegal, Nigeria, and the Congo.
Countries with Ebola patients: Guinea, Sierra Leone, Liberia, Senegal, Nigeria, and the Congo.
Countries with Ebola infected health workers:…

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22 9 / 2014

Ebola Statistics: As of September 14, 2014, Total Deaths 2630, Case Count 5347, Lab Confirmed 3095

2014 West Africa Ebola Outbreak


As of September 14, 2014, there have been 5347 Confirmed Cases of Ebola (EVD), and the number of deaths from Ebola (EVD) has risen to 2630, confirmed laboratory cases are at 3095, reports the CDC. Sierra Leone and Liberia have issued lockdowns to try to contain the spread of Ebola, the U.S. is sending 3000 troops to help maintain control, and Cuba has sent 145 team medical staff. There are…

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16 9 / 2014

Enterovirus D68: 11 U.S. states confirm total of 104 cases of common virus

Enterovirus outbreak map United States 2014

“Enteroviruses are very common, especially in the early fall. The CDC estimates that 10 million to 15 million infections occur in the United States each year. These viruses usually present like the common cold; symptoms include sneezing, a runny nose and a cough.

Most people recover without any treatment. But this type of enterovirus — Enterovirus D68 — appears to be exacerbating breathing…

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11 9 / 2014

President Barack Obama leads tributes as United States of America remembers 9/11

President Barack Obama leads Americans in remembering the victims of the 9/11 attacks on the 11th anniversary of the atrocity.




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22 8 / 2014

U.S. Doctor Kent Brantly Recovers From Ebola While in Atlanta, And Now Released With Nancy Writebol

2014 West Africa Ebola Outbreak

Shocking news came out yesterday that Dr. Kent Brantly has made a full recovery from the deadly Ebola virus. The CDC has declared that he is no risk to public, and is now not contagious. Dr. Brantly had taken a dose of the experimental Ebola serum ZMapp, which aided in his recovery. Also, missionary Nancy Writebol has been released. Now we all wonder when ZMapp will help the people of West…

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09 8 / 2014

Health: Ebola Stats and News as of August 4, 2014

As of August 4, 2014:

Ebola Deaths: 932

Ebola Cases: 1700

Countries effected: Sierra Leone, Liberia, Guiana, and Nigeria.

Countries with Ebola patients: U.S., Spain, Sierra Leone, Libera, Guiana, and Nigeria.

AP Reports: “The World Health Organization says the death toll from the Ebola outbreak in West Africa has risen to 932.

The new figures come Wednesday as authorities in Nigeria confirmed the…

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18 7 / 2014

Obama: Plane Downed by Missile, 1 American Dead

The United States began building a case Friday that would pin the blame for the downing of the passenger jet over Ukraine on separatist forces supported by Russia.

10 7 / 2014

Ebola discoverer: ‘This is unprecedented’ “out of control” Ebola epidemic in West Africa

CNN’s Christiane Amanpour speaks with Dr. Peter Piot about an “out of control” Ebola epidemic in West Africa.

10 7 / 2014

Health Crisis: WHO Reports 635+ Deaths Due to Ebola in West Africa


Epidemiology and surveillance

WHO continues to monitor the Ebola virus disease (EVD) outbreak in Guinea, Liberia, and Sierra Leone. The current epidemic trend shows a mixed picture, as follows:

  • Liberia reported 16 new EVD cases and Sierra Leone, 34 new cases – since 3 July. These numbers indicate that active viral transmission continues in the community.
  • There has been a reduction in the number…

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10 7 / 2014

Humanitarian Crisis: 50,000 undocumented children in need of help at U.S. border

Following a meeting with Texas Gov. Rick Perry and others, President Obama makes a statement on immigration reform in Dallas, Texas, July 9, 2014.

“The first thing we can think of is to send our children to the United States,” said a mother of two in La Pradera, who declined to give her name because she feared gang reprisals.…

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10 7 / 2014

Death Toll Rises in Gaza to 70+ due to Israeli Airstrikes

Palestinian side still launching rockets into Israel 100+, with no deaths reported on Israeli side so far.

10 7 / 2014

Report: 90% Of NSA Data Isn’t From Intended Targets

Nine out of every 10 records in a sample of NSA surveillance data came from unrelated account holders — many of which were U.S.

10 7 / 2014

Chinese hackers ‘broke into US personnel network’

A New York Times report says Chinese hackers accessed databases in the Office of Personnel Management, where sensitive employee data is stored.

12 5 / 2014

Health officials say second US Mers case confirmed


As soon as I find out more details of the newest MERS case, I will post.

“Details about the newest case were not immediately released.

Mers belongs to the coronavirus family that includes the common cold and Sars, or severe acute respiratory syndrome, which caused some 800 deaths globally in 2003.

The Mers virus has been found in camels, but officials don’t know how it is spreading to humans. It…

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06 5 / 2014

WHO Says Polio Now Worldwide Health Emergency

WHO reports the polio virus has re-emerged in 10 countries in Asia, Africa and the Middle East, calling for “extraordinary measures.”