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Bribes, murder and fraud – find them all here with these 10 shocking corporate scandals.

Plus one extra scandal:


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These days you can’t be too careful. Although everyone knows that emails from Nigeria are most likely scams, you may not consider some of the rip offs a bit closer to home. Here are the 25 biggest rip off that you’ve probably been tricked into buying.

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March 12, 2012

Posterous has been bought by Twitter, and now the 36 employees of Posterous also work for Twitter. This means that the site may or may not close down, so keep a look out if you blog there. If it does shut down the Internet will lose another powerful blogging platform, that easily let you update all of your blogs across the web, which was one of my favorite parts. Now I will have to do them one by one manually. 

Will miss you Posterous! A lot!

My other blogs: Tumblr,Typepad, Blogspot, and LiveJournal.


Cynthia Yildirim

Also check out the article that TNW did on Posterous.

Posterous says here:

Posterous is Joining the Flock at Twitter

Big news: Posterous has been acquired by Twitter!

The opportunities in front of Twitter are exciting, and we couldn’t be happier about bringing our team’s expertise to a product that reaches hundreds of millions of users around the globe. Plus, the people at Twitter are genuinely nice folks who share our vision for making sharing simpler.

Posterous Spaces will remain up and running without disruption. We’ll give users ample notice if we make any changes to the service. For users who would like to back up their content or move to another service, we’ll share clear instructions for doing so in the coming weeks.

You can find more information answers to other questions you may have here.

Finally, we’d like to offer thanks to all of our users, especially those who have been with Posterous since day one. The last four years have been an amazing journey. Your encouragement, praise and criticism have made us better.  Thanks for that. We look forward to building great things for you over at Twitter

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IBM has a long history of innovation in the field on electronic design automation (EDA), beginning in the 1950’s when IBM started mass-producing computers. Engineers saw the need to control and streamline production and began using early computers such as the IBM 704 to document designs and to check the correctness of the Boolean equations specifying the behavior. In the decades that followed, IBM continued facing new challenges and solving them with pioneering inventions including circuit simulation, static timing analysis, Boolean comparison, cycle simulation, hardware acceleration, logic and physical synthesis, large scale physical design, layout checking and automated testing in manufacturing.

This video, Inside IBM EDA: 50 Years of Innovation, describes some of the innovations developed at IBM through a series of interviews with a few of the original pioneers. A small team of volunteers from IBM’s EDA community created this video for an internal workshop. They are now making it available for a larger audience.

Check out my Twitvid Tech Channel, get the Twitvid app on you iPhone or Android phone, and follow there as well.

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23 12 / 2011

Check out Twitvid’s new channels they are cool. :D

Check out Twitvid’s new channels they are cool. :D

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[[posterous-content:pid___0]]December 16, 2011

Follow my Twitvid Channels and Share Yours

Politics: http://www.twitvid.com/politics
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The Whovian Who: http://www.twitvid.com/the-whovian-who

And follow me. http://www.twitvid.com/CynthiaY29 Share your Twitvid channels in this post if you want.

Here are some other cool channels to check out or you can create your own:

House Music: http://www.twitvid.com/house-music
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Awesome:  http://www.twitvid.com/awesome 
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Beauty Makeup: http://www.twitvid.com/beauty-makeup

News about relaunch:
Twitvid Launches it’s new social video network with 12 million users and a slick video discovery experience - The Next Web http://tnw.co/ucKQ6v

Twitvid Transforms Itself From Video Repository To Social Destination - Tech Crunch http://tcrn.ch/vbMwk0

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December 13, 2011

TwitVid relaunches as a social video network, where you can embed videos and curate your own channels. You can do this by signing in with your Twitter or Facebook account, and then clicking ‘Create Channel’ located on the upper right hand corner. Then you can click Edit Channel and fill in the channel information, tags, add a photo, and background. You can edit your profile there the same way.

I have been with Twitvid during this launch, and they are a great team to work with. The CEO Mo, is great, then you have the co-founder Adil, who is very ethusastic about this venture and the videos. Then you have Ethan, he’s a cool guy, who is in charge of content. 

I have really enjoyed making the channels, and maintaining them. It’s simply fun. Hope to see you all there soon. :D

Follow my channels here. My channels are Politics, Short Films, Tech Gadgets, Indie Rock, and The Whovian Who.  


Cynthia Yildirim

Here are some writeups about Twitvid:

Mashable: Twitvid Revamps to Become “Open Youtube” 
Tech Crunch: Twitvid Transforms Itself From Video Respository to Social Destination (See video of Mo Al Adham in this one, and some of the videos I posted)
SocialBeat: Twitvid Relaunches as a video social network, adds support for channels
The Next Web: Twitvid Launches social video network with 12 Million users and a slick video discovery experience

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22 11 / 2011

Over the past 20 years China has become the world’s biggest exporter of consumer goods. But behind this apparent success story is a dark secret - millions of men and women locked up in prisons and forced into intensive manual labour. Watch here.

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I love Redux!


We launched our partnership with Google TV earlier this summer, and as we’ve been growing, we’ve been tracking everything to learn about our audience. And, we noticed something peculiar. On the web, Redux traffic peaks during the weekdays, with big troughs during the weekend.

But, on…

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11 11 / 2011

Raw Story: Former Secretary of State Colin Powell said Thursday that he sympathized with the “frustration and angriness” exhibited by “Occupy Wall Street” protesters.

“I was born in Harlem to immigrant parents, and my parents always had a job,” Powell told CNN’s Piers Morgan. “And so, people are concerned now that there is not that source of an income. There isn’t that work source that I remember.”

“So, what you’re seeing with ‘Occupy Wall Street’ and the others are people who are unhappy, and they’re directing their unhappiness right now towards Wall Street and towards those they think are doing to well in our society,” he continued. “And so, demonstrating like this is as American as apple pie. We have been marching up and down and demonstrating throughout our history. … And so, I get a little concerned when demonstrations turn into violence, or when some of the demonstrators demonstrate absolute nihilism and they’re really not interested in anything but destruction and tearing down the system.”

“Do you understand the anger particularly towards Wall Street, I think?” Morgan asked. “What really gets their goat is that a lot of these banks and bankers got bailed out by the taxpayers. The first chance they got, when they got back on their feet, to not give themselves huge bonuses again, they ignored that temptation and put their noses back in the trough.”

“Well, you know, I don’t know how to be too critical of that,” Powell replied. “And one of the things that is of concern to all of us is that there’s an increasing gap between those who are doing very well and I’m doing well, and those who are not doing as well. And those who are not doing as well are not seeing their lives improving. And so, there’s frustration and angriness there.”

“And so, it isn’t enough to scream at the ‘Occupy Wall Street’ demonstrators. We need our political system to start reflecting this anger back in to how do we fix it? How do we get the economy going again? How do we get businesses that have a lot of money stacked up, how do we get them to invest that money and create jobs?”



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28 10 / 2011

(Newser) – It looks like many of the big banks are backing down from threats to raise debit card fees, reports the Wall Street Journal. After Bank of America was pounded over its decision to slap debit card users with a $5 monthly fee, JP Morgan Chase, US Bancorp, Citigroup, PNC Financial Services Group, and KeyCorp have all said they will not be adding such fees—though they say it’s not a reaction to the Bank of America mess. “We looked at all options and quickly decided it didn’t fit with our overall strategy,” says a spokesman for KeyCorp.

Read more here.

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- Some retailers say they’re doing it no earlier than in years past. But others admit they are trying to generate an early buzz about Christmas shopping this year. And given how bland business has been recently, who can blame them?

Costco’s among the first to get the Christmas offerings out this year, and the way the inflatable snowman’s been selling, consumers obviously aren’t objecting that much.

"We sold three of them last week - believe it or not," Brian Thomas, the Costco store manager, said.

But for many, the last week of summer is just too early to get the spirit.

"I think about Halloween in October, not September," Kirsten Listina, a shopper, said. "So Christmas in September is a bit too much."


02 9 / 2011

(Newser) – The Federal Housing Finance Agency—the agency behind Fannie Mae and Freddy Mac—is poised to sue more than a dozen big banks for their role in the mortgage meltdown mess for billions of dollars. The feds are accusing the banks of misrepresenting the quality of mortgage securities, reports the New York Times. Read more here.