11 9 / 2014

President Barack Obama leads tributes as United States of America remembers 9/11

President Barack Obama leads Americans in remembering the victims of the 9/11 attacks on the 11th anniversary of the atrocity.




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08 3 / 2014

An explanation on what is happening with Russia and Ukraine Unrest in 2014

Found this great explanation on Reddit, hope that it will help you understand. Link to comment on Reddit…

An explanation on what is happening with Russia and Ukraine Unrest in 2014

Found this great explanation on Reddit, hope that it will help you understand. Link to comment on Reddit…

27 11 / 2013

US drones attacks have killed more than 2000 people. This heartbreaking film bears witness to people in a remote part of Pakistan near the Afghan border whose lives continue to be shattered…

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21 10 / 2013


The French foreign minister, Laurent Fabius, says he has summoned the US ambassador to the Quai d’Orsay after allegations published in Le Monde that the NSA spied on French citizens. The…

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24 7 / 2013

Watch Full Speech: President Obama’s Ohio Speech on the Economy[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wfmU6_1nu44&w=560&h=315]
Read Transcript here.
President…View Post

Watch Full Speech: President Obama’s Ohio Speech on the Economy


Read Transcript here.


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19 7 / 2013

Watch Full Speech: President Obama Speaks on Trayvon Martin and Racism in America July 19, 2013https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MHBdZWbncXIPresident Obama makes a statement about Trayvon Martin…View Post

Watch Full Speech: President Obama Speaks on Trayvon Martin and Racism in America July 19, 2013

President Obama makes a statement about Trayvon Martin…

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25 5 / 2013

There are even more examples of President Obama urging Congress to pass infrastructure investment, this cannot be ignored nor denied by anyone. Will Congress act? With two bridge collapses under America’s belt now, before even more occur hopefully…

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14 5 / 2013


President Barak Obama joined a growing chorus of lawmakers demanding answers into the IRS’ admission it targeted conservative political groups. The full inspector general’s report from the…

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23 1 / 2013

Republicans Outraged Obama Is Liberal

Republicans are outraged over President Obama’s Second Quadrennial Inaugural Address because it’s liberal. Karl Rove’s Crossroads GPS even made an ad making the case. The Young Turks host Cenk Uygur explains why this line of attack is comical.

Read more here from Tommy Christopher in Mediaite: http://www.mediaite.com/online/president-obamas-second-inaugural-address-was-only-liberal-in-washington-dc/

28 11 / 2012

Obama senior adviser David Plouffe predicted that the fiscal cliff negotiations are “going to get hairy” in the coming weeks, saying President Barack Obama is committed to achieving the elusive “big deal” on taxes and spending he and Speaker of the House John Boehner have tried to strike for more than 18 months.

In post-election remarks at the University of Delaware, Plouffe warned of “paralysis” if both parties remain beholden to their base, saying Obama is looking for a deal that sets the country on the right fiscal path for a 10- to 20-year period.

"The only way that gets done is for Republicans again to step back and get mercilessly criticized by Grover Norquist and the Right, and it means that Democrats are going to have to do some tough things on spending and entitlements that means that they’ll criticized on by their left," Plouffe said at his alma mater in conversation with former McCain campaign manager Steve Schmidt."*

Cenk Uygur breaks down Obama senior adviser David Plouffe’s words that seem to show the president aims to in fact lower what the wealthy pay, raise what the poor and middle class pay, and cut entitlement programs. Will Obama buckle on negotiations, and does he want to? 


Read more from Zeke Miller/ Buzzfeed


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05 11 / 2012

This is President Obama’s last campaign, will you be a part of it? Get started here: http://OFA.BO/2k9M8t

Four years ago today we elected President Barack Obama as the 44th President of the United States. It happened because we knocked on doors, we made phone calls, we voted and we got others to vote. Let’s do it again. There are less than 48 hours until Election Day, now is the time to get involved: http://OFA.BO/2k9M8t

Confirm your polling location here: http://OFA.BO/JU7DQZ


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16 10 / 2012

October 16, 2012

Below is a list of things that President Barack Obama has done while in office as President of the United States
• Economy grew 2.6% in the first quarter of 2012 http://www.reddit.com/tb/scx09
• Brought us out of recession worse than last 3 recessions combined
• Got more Taliban leaders in 30 days than Bush/Cheney did in 6 years
• Auto Industry saved
• Got North Korea to stop enriching uranium
• Iraq war ended
• Bin Laden dead
• Nuclear weapons reduced by 1/3 in US & Russia
• Stock market more than doubles
• Stock market closes higher than since 2007
• U.S Gross Domestic product went from steady decline to increasing every ¼ of the Obama Presidency See graph
• Ended Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell
• Settled Libya problem in 60 days with no American casualties or ground troops
• Insurance companies must cover pre-existing conditions
• Kids stay on their parent’s insurance until 26 under certain conditions
• Requires health plans to disclose how much of premium goes to patient care
• Prevents children from being denied health insurance coverage
• Cut prescription drug cost for medi-care recipients by 50%
• Requires large employers to contribute to a national healthcare plan
• Came out against SOPA
• Temporally suspended taxes on Unemployment benefits
• Nixes Keystone Pipeline
• Jail population decline for first time in decades
• Wind power growth up 39%
• Instituted the toughest Wall Street reform since Great Depression
• Passed health reform: Others tried & failed over the last 60 years
• Insurance companies can no longer drop you when you get sick
• Stimulus Plan which brought us out of the brink of financial collapse
• $100 billion to embarrassing, crumbling infrastructure: Most since Eisenhower
• $60 billion to create renewable and clean energy
• Credit Card reform stopping the most abusive credit card practices
• Huge investment into science & technology
• Quadrupled the number of openly gay judges on the federal bench
• Amped budgets at NASA & National Science Foundation
• Expanded state run health insurance to cover additional four million kids
• Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act – Equal pay for equal work
• Global initiative keeping nuclear material out of hands of terrorists
• Hate crimes prevention act (Matthew Shepard Act)
• FDA for first time allowed to regulate tobacco
• Eliminated scandal plagued Mineral Management Services
• Overhauled the astonishing stupidity of the student loan system
• Cancelled bloated weapons program including useless F-22
• Stopped Russia supplying $1 billion of high-tech missiles to Iran promised by Bush
• Tax cuts for small businesses
• $14 billion in federally funded loans to stimulate job creation
• Cut taxes for 95% of working families
• Passed 16 different tax cuts for American small business owners
• Fought GOP for Health benefits for 9/11 responders - He didn’t forget.
• Extended unemployment benefits
• Consumer spending increase
• Orders for durable goods increase
• Appointed first Latina to Supreme Court
• Ryan White AIDS Treatment Act
• Appointed more openly gay officials than any other president
• Expanded loan program for small businesses
• Increased funding for National Parks and Forests
• Led effort to phase out whaling
• Funding for high speed broadband internet access to students K-12
• $26 billion to states saving 160,000 teacher jobs among other things
• Helped rebuild schools in New Orleans
• Doubled research funds for cleaner fuel
• $2 billion to solar power
• Raised fuel economy standards
• Cash for clunkers
• Limited mercury emissions
• Eliminated oil company liability caps for oil spills
• Ordered BP to provide $20 billion liability fund for damages from spill
• Mandated new safety rules for offshore drilling
• World opinion of US improves significantly since Obama takes office
• Visited more countries in first year than any other president
• Return rights of Americans to visit and assist their families in Cuba
• Renewed loan guarantees to Israel
• Pledged $400 million in aid to Gaza civilians
• Pressured Israel to end Gaza blockade
• Authorized Clinton’s mission getting 2 prisoners released from Korea
• Nuclear arms agreement with India
• Agreement with Switzerland to bolster tax information exchange
• Cut salaries of senior White House officials
• Prevented congress from receiving cost of living pay raise
• Cancelled contracts for 28 White House helicopters saving $11.2 billion
• Return tax payer money for White House refurbishing
• Established a Patient’s Bill of Rights
• Expanded vaccinations program
• New homes sales see biggest jump in 47 years
• Extended benefit for same-sex partners of federal employees
• Same-sex partners assured visitation & healthcare decision rights
• $8 billion to establish smart power grid
• $13 billion for high-speed rail in 13 major US corridors
• Major expansion of AmeriCorps
• Committed US to almost 5 million charging station by 2015
• Expanding broadband internet
• Improved benefits for veterans
• New and improved hiring policy for veterans
• Donated Peace Prize award money
• Ended media blackout on war casualties
• Increased access to PTSD treatment for soldiers and veterans
• Reconstruction of military to reflect modern-day threats & technology
• Ended torture
• Recommitted the U.S. to full compliance to the Geneva Conventions
• Cut missile defense system by $1.4 billion
• Increased pay benefits to military personnel
• Began draw-down of war in Afghanistan
• Ordered Seal operation to free of US captain held by pirates
• Negotiated nuclear arms agreement with Australia, India, & Russia
• Increased Navy patrol of Somali coast
• Provided $210 Million for building and upgrading fire stations
• Emergency Aid to American Survivors of the Haiti Earthquake Act
• Ordered extensive review of hurricane & natural disaster preparedness
• Edward Kennedy Serve America Act: Expands national volunteer program
• Removed restrictions and provided support of embryonic stem cell research
• Manned missions to Mars & asteroids rather than just returning to moon
• Worked with international allies on International Space Station
• Used private sector to improve space flight
• Used Space Station for fundamental biological and physical research
• Established consumer tax credit for plug-in hybrid cars
• $60 billion in spending & tax incentives for renewable & clean energy
• For first time in 13 years America’s dependence on foreign oil below 50%
• Tax breaks to promote public transit
• Extended and indexed the 2007 Alternative Minimum Tax patch
• Income floor for medical expense deductions for individuals 65 & older
• Health insurance tax credits & subsidies for incomes to 4x poverty level
• Accelerated tax benefits for donations to Haiti earthquake relief
• Income tax rates for highest earners will change from 35% to 39.6%
• Capital gains tax for highest earners will change from 15% to 20%
• Tax increase for corporations with assets of at least $1 billion
• Closed offshore tax safe havens, tax credit loopholes
• Tax bills hit lowest level since 1950
• Tax refunds up 10 percent due to stimulus
• Imposed limits on lobbyists’ access to the White House
• Limits White House aides working for lobbyists after tenure in office
• Independent watchdogs call Obama’s record on ethic Unprecedented
• Closed lobbyist loopholes with respect to the Recovery Act
• Banned lobbyist gifts to executive employees
• DOD will film all interrogations
• White House voluntary disclosure policy
• $5,000 tax credit for every new worker hired
• Jobs for Main Street Act
• Under Obama American clean energy industry creates 2.7 million jobs & expanding rapidly
• Created more jobs in 2009 than Bush in his entire presidency
• CBO found 3.7 Million jobs created by stimulus (May 2010)
• 682,370 jobs created under Recovery Act Between Jan. & March, 2010
• National Export Initiative – designed to double US exports
• Federal deficit shrank 8% year-on-year
• Wall St reform designed to end taxpayer bailouts
• Gets 47 nations to agree to 4 years non-proliferation efforts
• Forced airlines to disclose prices upfront
• 25 Billion settlement against banking industry
• Opposes NC Gay Marriage Amendment
• Helped clean out weapons-usable uranium from 6 countries:
Mexico, Chile, Romania, Serbia, Libya, and Turkey
• Number of oil rigs in US oil fields has quadrupled in past three years
• US now has more rigs at work than the rest of the world put together
• First time since 1949 we now export more gas than we import

See about 600 more here:

16 10 / 2012

Commit to vote: http://OFA.BO/k7d82u

Jane Lynch, Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Billie Jean King, George Takei, Wanda Sykes, Zachary Quinto, and Chaz Bono share why they’re supporting President Obama and why Mitt Romney isn’t the choice for them.

16 10 / 2012

Watch the video here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mB7I0vpwT7M&feature=plcp

President Clinton explains Mitt Romney’s $5 trillion tax cut and how middle class families with children will get an average tax increase of $2,000 to pay for $250,000 in tax cuts for multi-millionaires.

As President Clinton shares:
"In the first debate, Governor Romney said that he wasn’t really going to cut taxes on upper income people—he only wanted to cut taxes for middle class people. That’s not true."

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October 16, 2012

23 9 / 2012

Please tweet and reblog this, so that everyone is as informed as possible, thank you! 

Voting takes place November 6, 2012!

1.  A Side-by-Side Comparision of 2012 Democratic and Republic Party Platforms, or read each of the documents RNC GOP Platform, DNC Democratic Platform. See which side you agree with most.

2.  2012 Presidential Debate Schedule, first debate between (D) Pres. Barack Obama and (R) Former Governor Mitt Romney on October 3, 2012 9-10:30ET will focus on Domestic Policy. Watch your candidates debate each other at last.

3.  2012 Presidential Election Maps from the Washington Post, NYTimes, Huffington Post, CNN, USA Today, NPR, Fox News, and PBS. The Electoral College at work, many predictions as to how this election will go, but we won’t know till the very end.

4. Check out each candidates website Barack Obama’s and Mitt Romney’s, and their Twitter accounts @BarackObama or @MittRomney and their VP @JoeBiden or @PaulRyan, and check out each candidates Youtube channels where they post their new ads Barack Obama’s, and Mitt Romney’s.

Also should be noted that: Gary Johnson and Jill Stein are also on the ballot in some states. Their Twitter accounts: @JillStein @GaryJohnson

Note to readers: If you find or know of any other great non-biased resources and would like me to add them to this page send them my way. Thank you!

These resources were collected here for you by Cynthia Yildirim follow her on Twitter at @CynthiaY29 or on Google+