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April 23, 2012

"Paul warned that CISPA “represents an alarming form of corporatism, as it further intertwines government with companies like Google and Facebook.”

“It permits them to hand over your private information to government officials without a warrant, circumventing well known federal laws like the Wiretap Act and the Electronic Communications Privacy Act, ” he said. “It also grants a broad immunity from lawsuits for doing so, leaving you without recourse for invasion of privacy.”

“Simply put, CISPA encourages some of our most successful Internet companies to act as government spies, sewing distrust in social media and chilling communications in one segment of the world economy where Americans still lead,” Paul added. “…If you believe in privacy and free markets, you should be deeply concerned about the proposed marriage of government intelligence gathering with private, profit-seeking companies.”

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Take Action: Call or Write Your Representative 

Write President Obama and tell him to veto CISPA if it ever reaches his desk

Sign up for ACLU alerts, and Moveon.org and sign their petitions, and also go to the Whitehouse petition site, and sign or make a petition there. Tweet, Facebook, Instagram, Pin, and blog your thoughts on CISPA. Let your voices ring as high as they did when fighting SOPA. Thanks!

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