01 1 / 2012

I think that the media is confused by what a hackerspace is, sure there may be some hackers there, but hackerspaces are also about innovation, and invention. At a local hackerspace you can play around with your robotics, and be with those of likemind. They are creative spaces. 

This effort by Chaos Communications Congress in Berlin is better to be considered a independent project. As most hackerspaces are considered non-profit LLC companies. So it’s a good thing that they at CCC are wanting send people to the moon, and satellites into orbit, and it’s nothing for the media to fear. We should support their effort. 

- Cynthia Yildirim
Former Tweak Labs member -
which was a hackerspace in Florence, Alabama

Read more about Hackerspaces here. Find a hackerspace near you here.

Below is a snippit of a report from Raw Story:

Raw Story: Forget science fiction — this one sounds like pure fantasy — but hackers at the Chaos Communication Congress in Berlin are dreaming of creating their own network of communications satellites and ground stations to forestall any attempt to control the internet.

They’d also like to put a hacker on the moon by 2035.

According to the BBC, hacker activist Nick Farr began calling for contributions to the Hackerspace Global Grid last August, spurred on by threats of online censorship such as that posed by the Stop Online Piracy Act.

Read more here.

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